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1. Overview

Homebuy - Wales supports  households by providing an equity loan to assist purchasing an existing property.

The scheme helps people who could not otherwise afford to buy a property and is particularly of benefit in more rural communities where there may be few opportunities to buy a home.

Homebuy is not available in all areas and where it is available the scheme will be subject to local eligibility criteria.

How it works

With Homebuy – Wales:

  • you will normally need to contribute 70% of the purchase price of a home through a mortgage and/or personal savings
  • you will need to arrange a mortgage from an approved lender
  • you will need to make the agreed payments to your mortgage lender, there are no monthly payments to the housing association
  • you must repay the equity loan when you sell the home at the equivalent percentage value of your home at the time you sell it
  • you can repay the loan before you sell you home in which case you will repay based on the value of your home at that time 
Financial example
  Value of home Your
contribution (70%)
Equity loan (30%)
Purchase value £200,000 £140,000 £60,000
  Value of home Your share (70%) Equity loan
to be repaid (30%)

2% increase
in value at sale

£204,000 £142,800 £61,200
2% decrease
in value at sale
£196,000 £137,200 £58,800


Not sure if this is for you?

Use our scheme finder to find out which other home ownership schemes you may be eligible for.