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7. Disabled people

If your property has been adapted in at least one of the ways in the list below for someone who is substantially and permanently disabled, you’ll be eligible to get your Council Tax bill reduced by one valuation band. For example, if the property is valued in Band C, the bill will be charged in Band B. 

To qualify for a reduction in your valuation band, the adaptation must be essential or of major importance to the disabled person's well-being. No reduction is available where adaptations have only been made outdoors.

Eligible adaptations

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • addition of a room or adaptation an existing room (other than bathroom, kitchen or toilet) to meet the needs of, and used mainly by, the disabled person;
  • extra space inside the property to allow for the use of a wheelchair.

A self-contained annex, where the occupant has a substantial and permanent disability and is a dependent relative of the owner of the main house, will not be charged Council Tax.

If you think you may be eligible you should contact your local authority Council Tax department.