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3. Apply

Changes to Emergency Assistance Payments (EAP)

From 1 April 2023 all applicants will be eligible for 3 payments in a 12-month rolling period. Since 2020, people impacted by the pandemic or the loss of the £20 Universal Credit uplift have been able to receive 5 payments.

These 3 payments will be at a higher value with an 11% inflationary increase given to all EAP awards. The 28-day gap between application dates will reduce to 7 days for all applicants.

These changes are to allow for short and successive use of the fund in a time of crisis or emergency.

  • Any household awarded with 1 person will receive a payment of £56 by PAYPOINT.
  • Any household awarded with 2 persons will receive a payment of £67 by PAYPOINT.
  • Any household awarded with 3 or more persons will receive a payment of £111 by BACS.

Use this service to:

  • apply for an Emergency Assistance Payment
  • apply for an Individual Assistance Payment
  • apply on behalf of someone else (registered partners only)

Before you start

You cannot apply for a grant if you have:

  • already received a grant in the last 28 days (or in the last 7 days if you are impacted by COVID or are on Universal Credit and are experiencing financial hardship)
  • already received 3 grants in the last year (or 5 grants if you’re in receipt of Universal Credit or impacted by coronavirus)

You can also apply by post or phone via the details on our Contact us page, or get help from one of our partner organisations.